About Us

"MUM & DAUGHTER" is a real life story of a mother and her daughter.

This story started with a mother who was really passionate about sewing. She was a graduate but chose her passion over a job. She started her own boutique in a small town, called Hanumangarh. By doing this, she also created employment for women around her.

Her daughter, an engineer by profession, quit her job just because she wanted to take her mother's dream to a next level. She took the legacy forward by creating "MUM & DAUGHTER" where every mother-daughter relation could be enjoyed on every moment, on every day, on every festival. 

Our brand majorly focuses on "From a women, to a women". It is a purely women oriented and women driven brand, where not only skilled members are hired but unskilled members are also trained. 

Initially, we are coming up with the "BRAND LAUNCH" collection with a very limited supply. Hope we'll get to know you soon.